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Leading edge discovery with Akashic Records and self-love

In today’s video learn now to cut off attachments, discontinue old habits, and leave unhealthy relationships!

Have you had a deep sense that it is time to forgive yourself for having waited for so long to dump toxic relationships?

Time to let go of the emotional roller coaster ride of being blamed for someone else’s bad behavior. Time to stop feeling off balance because you were yelled at for standing up for yourself.

Recognizing these patterns in a toxic relationship seems to take a long time. And when you finally do you feel like you should have seen them sooner. But by that time you are . . .

emotionally entangled

emotionally drained

self-esteem and self-love are almost nonexistent.

Self-love means allowing yourself to move away from the toxic relationship and into recovery. It means grieving the loss of a ghost relationship, or a relationship that was great except . . .

he / she had an explosive temper

he / she blamed me for upsetting them all of the time

he / she would lash out without warning

being stonewalled when you voiced your opinion

they tell you that they are extremely honest and would tell me if there was an issue.

Self-love means taking your power back now. In today’s video there are three simple statements to help you get started.

The leading edge is knowing that the Universe is supporting access of all the Akashic Records that contain toxic relationships being lined up and wiped clean. A simple meditation can be used to access and clear them. Limited space this week for Akashic Record clearing sessions you can access available times here

Now is the time to rid yourself of old unresolved karma and begin your new story now. Simple, repeatable, and proven steps will be shared April 13,2021. Access to the event can be found here

Access to Facebook lives on Tuesday nights =>

X’s & O’s Deanna

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