New Moon Craziness, Live Akashic Records Readings

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Amazing new energy can change your future, but you have to act quickly! The full moon on March 28, 2021 downloaded a frequency that I felt so much that when I got up the next morning, I felt like I was not the same person. I felt better than I ever had!

The New Moon on April 11, 2021 opened up a new vibrational energy that is lifting us up toward a more dynamic future.

If you have been struggling with self-doubt, staying in a toxic relationship, or crazy out of nowhere health issues then you are feeling this shift.

In today’s video learn more about how Akashic Records can reveal why you are going through what you are experiencing right now. 

Here is the good new the Universe is supporting nurturing energies to stimulate our hearts towards healing and our minds create the next chapter in our lives.

If you can see it, if you can imagine it, if you can feel it – this is the time to write down where you desire to go, find the steps necessary to get there, and take action! This is free uplifting, nurturing, soul supportive energy from the Universe! Don’t waste it!

There is also a darkness that has been release into the ethers of our planet that is targeting the light. This is no joke. This is not a drill. This energy is very real and is playing on people’s fears. Do you fear being abandoned? Do you feel you are stuck in a life draining habit? Are you afraid that you will lose your home, or possibly loose everything? You are not alone.

In this post Covid world where things are still uncertain this can be an easy place to slide into. I encourage you to center yourself, increase your connection with God / SPIRIT / Source. Take charge of your own life, write out the story that you would like to live now, and take small steps each day towards creating this reality.



PS. I am looking for one special person who is willing to come onto my live show and have an Akashic Records Reading. The reading will take place April 28, 2021 at 7:30 PM mountain time on Facebook Live. Interested? To enter the contest to win the free 15 minute reading simply subscribe to my YouTube Channel and let me know if the comments why you would like to have a reading, and what you would like to know during your reading. Winner will be picked at random and announced on April 21, 2021.

PPS I still have a few appointments available for Thursday April 15, 2021. Here is the link for available times.

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