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Self love, Five Key ways to release toxic people from your life.

The Universe is supporting sensitives just like you to release toxic relationships and truly embrace self-love.

If you anything like me you have been working on yourself for what feels like years, and it still seems like you are attracting toxic people into your life.

I used to think that cutting people out of my life, going no contact with some, was the best way to clean up my environment and my mental health.

Instead, what I have experienced is that cutting ties with the people who consistently hurt me was not enough . . .I also had to heal the version of me that allowed them to treat me that way in the first place.

You see my sweet friend we often spend our time with people who resonate with us, people who are suffering from the same dis ease that we are. If we are not truly at ease or peace with ourselves, how can we expect to attract those kinds of people into our lives?

 So how do you release the person who didn’t reciprocate your feelings? How do you let go of the person that you really didn’t have a relationship with in the first place?

In today’s video I am talking about what it takes to truly release toxic people from your life.

Here is a snapshot:

Begin with yourself. It is your brain that hold and projects all of your experiences to create your current reality.

You project onto other people what role you want them to play in your life – think about it.

Being an empath or sensitive you naturally think that you can heal anyone – no matter how long it takes- and they will heal and feel the same way about you.

The dream reality of: “someday I will do this” is always safer than taking action and feeling rejected.

Letting go means feeling the emptiness because some little shred of love is better than nothing.

Let me ask you a question. Does this feel like you? Are you busy trying to heal yourself and evolve, and feel like something is really holding you back? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and shed the toxic people in your life?

Ready to get started? If you are interested in walking this journey with me, let’s talk.

When you have tremendous support, receive the next step items for overcoming fears, and at the same time do the things that you have never done before on your own, your momentum will gain perspective and create self-respect, self-love, and self-worth. With these three powerful magnifiers you can’t help creating the relationship of your dreams! 💞

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