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It’s the next big breakthrough ~ Embracing Emotional Freedom

Have you been playing the emotional push pull game over the last several weeks? Understanding that you are desperately in need of love, and then you realized it was self-love?

Perhaps you have experienced conflicting thoughts and emotions between the “well behaved” you and the “I can’t do this anymore” you.

Are you wrestling with the fear of not being good enough on one hand, and this relationship is draining me, on the other?

Do you feel like you’re on the edge of being able to include self-care into your daily routine, and feel guilty because you are not fully serving your family (even though they are capable of taking care of themselves)?

You feel the need to rest more, and stress less, yet you are feel guilty for doing so?

If this sounds familiar, watch today’s video to help you understand how to take action on the little things that will ultimately get you exactly where you desire to be in your emotional freedom. It starts with a guest Akashic Record reading – a peek inside cracking the code of a current struggle.

My fellow Sensitives embracing emotional freedom is a large part of the Universe supporting our awareness and our change to wholeness.  The Pink Super moon is chalked full of these supportive energies and providing a lift.

Here is a checklist to help you work through your inner blocks and embrace emotional freedom.

  1. Create the awareness of your limiting belief. Ask yourself what is holding you back. Is it a fear of rejection? A fear that you will fail. Is it a fear that you will succeed?
  2. Ask yourself who was the first person in your life who rejected you, criticized you, or told you that you were less than nothing. Write your first thought in a journal. I am sure that more will unfold later. All you need is a foothold.
  3. Write down all the times in your life that stand out in your mind as feeling rejected, ashamed, or less than.
  4. For each item you have written down ask yourself what feeling is associated with that time in your life. “I am not enough,” “No one will ever be able to love me as I am,” ”I am not smart enough to make that much money,” etc.
  5. Ask yourself what does that mean in your life now? How are these emotions playing themselves out in your life right now? What situations are they creating that cause me not to love and value myself?
  6. Then sit for a moment and ask yourself am I ready to forgive myself for taking on someone else’s drama, internal pain, or story. If these things happen to your when you were a child, understand that you did not have the means to process these emotions, and it is okay to forgive yourself.
  7. Give yourself grace and the faith that you will heal. It is in the perfect timing and perfect order you need. Breathe.

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