Do you trust self-love? An exercise to release limiting beliefs.

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Do you trust self-love? In this video you will learn about three ways to identify if you are taking steps toward self-love or giving into the shadow self.

Three ways to identify if you are taking steps toward self-love or giving into the shadow self.

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks and said, “I am so done” and didn’t know where this emotion was really coming from? This happened a few times with me recently, and I noticed that it really wasn’t because I was exhausted by the daily grind. It was the lack of self-love.

Perhaps as a fellow sensitive you have experienced it too.

You see self-love requires that you trust yourself and that you create safe boundaries to protect your energy and your personal safety.

The problem is that the sense of self-love is a pattern that was instilled in the brain early in the creation and formation of your human personality.

So, understanding that your brain clings to its early patterning, what can you do about it?

I have put together an exercise that you can do to release limiting beliefs that are blocking you from busting out of being stuck.

Here is what to do:

  1. Establish the root cause or the repeating thought pattern that is holding you in a belief pattern such as I don’t deserve to be happy, or if I am not struggling in my life then I do not feel worthy, or if I stop taking care of everyone else, they will experience too much pain and I will no longer be important to them.
  2. Think about your childhood messages. What are the tag lines, or things you heard your parents say to you over and over again? What did you begin to belief about yourself? Were you allowed to have boundaries and say no without being ridiculed or questioned? Write these things down. I am serious that is how you get results by looking at what is on the inside by seeing it on the outside.
  3. Write down the events or discussions that made you feel like your feelings did not matter. When were you asked to give more than you emotionally felt you could and made to feel guilty if you did not?
  4. What reality did you create for yourself because of these events? How did you see yourself and your world?
  5. Then make a list of all the ways that you do not trust yourself right now. Is it in the ability to make a decision without creating anxiety? Have you stopped trying? Have you stopped taking chances? Did you hold yourself back from taking advantages of opportunities that might have created a safer environment or existence for you?
  6. Now go back to the list of meanings you created about your life and yourself. What if your perceptions were not correct? What if the belief systems was what the other person was putting onto you? What if the low self-esteem, low self-value, and being boundaryless belonged to the person? What if your current belief systems are not actual about you?
  7. Re-evaluate your beliefs about yourself. If you truly were emotionally abandoned, rejected, or made to feel guilty ask yourself is it really worth holding onto and losing out on opportunities to learn to love yourself, trust yourself, and create safe boundaries?

Okay, your turn. Allow yourself about an hour to engage in the exercise. Take the time to identify and work through what is blocking you so that you can be done. You have waited long enough to finish your shadow work and give yourself the gift of self love.

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