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Energy Shift Insights For EMPATH, STARSEED, AND HSP ~June 2021.

I am dropping in with a little pep talk to remind you that the current energy shifts are aligning all humanity to either accept or refute a higher level of awareness. Stay vigilant.

It may not seem like the Universe is supporting the rampant changes in your life right now, and the instability can cause you to question many things. If you are anything like me you did a double take when things you had worked on, and thought you had healed from, popped up again.

This is a nudge in the right direction from the Universe to keep going. To let you know that you have made great strides over the last couple of years.

I encourage you to have confidence in yourself. You have all the skills necessary to move forward in small incremental steps while the rest of the world, that is not awake yet, feels like it is going backwards. For a while events in our current timeline will seem like they are going backward, this is an illusion. Keep moving forward with your life.

Each day take one step forward. Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese Philosopher, states that a journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step.

You, my beautiful sensitive, can strengthen your courage and confidence by taking the following steps.

1 ~ Focus on your strengths. Many people focus on negative thoughts throughout the day and allow their minds to play old tapes like: “I am not good enough to have a partner who loves me, or how could I have make that decision when I knew better.”

Instead focus your thoughts on your strengths. Have the courage to focus on what you are doing well right now.

One of the ways I that I became more courageous to find my strength was to say, “I am really good at doing this, and this makes me unique. I am going to focus my thoughts on doing these things.”

That is when I realized the power of self-talk.

2 ~ Manage your self-talk.

When you were a child you absorbed what others said about you, and internalized the messages. As a Sensitive this can be especially challenging if these messages eroded your confidence. Maybe their words poked fun at your gifts, or created a thought process that they were bad or wrong. Maybe you have suppressed your gifts and are struggling now the way that I did in the past.

If the words you are using to describe yourself and your gifts are not encouraging or loving, it is time to change them. Practice saying in the mirror, “I am unique. I am worthy. I am worth celebrating!” or, “I am doing my personal best. I am getting better everyday, I am in alignment with my true self and my beautiful gifts.”

3 ~ Celebrate your accomplishments daily.

I have a happy dance I like to do each day. I know you might think it is silly. It is really lots of fun. I make a list of my accomplishments for the day, the things I did well or checked off my to-do list, and dance with them in my hand singing, “I did it, I did it!”

If you are imagining this in your head right now and smiling then you are raising your vibration. That is exactly what happens when you celebrate your accomplishments.

If you are an achiever, like me, I am always thinking about what I have not done. My to-do list can get a bit long, and it is not easy to make all those things happen.

Focus on what you did accomplish and give yourself an energetic lift in confidence. It will help you have the courage to move forward always.

Sending love, courage, and confidence to you!


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