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Two Reason’s you are feeling emotional after the Solstice

I see this time and time again after a big energy shift with Sensitives: they try hard to change their lives, wonder why it’s not “happening”, and are frustrated with the results.

Yes, with almost every Sensitive, there are things about their spiritual connection that require changing and tweaking – their feeling about themselves, their lack of safe boundaries, the familiarity of absorbing other peoples energy, their desire to save the world solo, and so on.

Added to this is very often low self-esteem, low self value, and self-punishment, stemming from how a Sensitive views themselves when no one is watching.

You can say: “I desire to ascend to a higher level of consciousness all day long, but if you have feeling of unworthiness, and low self importance, deep down questioning if you truly deserve your Divinity, there is absolutely no way that you will take the steps to transform your consciousness and claim your birthright.

Your subconscious mind will ALWAYS override your conscious thoughts.

That is why change can be a struggle for two reasons:

First, you are sending out a message to the Universe and God, that you don’t really deserve it, and therefore you are not open to receiving it (In other words you’re pushing your gift and your blessings away, and your not in receivership).

Second, consciously if you don’t believe, deep down, that SPIRIT is calling you, guiding you, and opening up doors for you as you walk forward, you will not take action. There will be no results either big or small.

By not taking action, or procrastinating more than usual, you are self sabotaging your efforts. Basically you are going through the motions but do to a lack of vision, belief, faith, there are no results. You reap what you create.

Here is the solution:

1. Get clear on your gifts, and how you really see yourself right now.

2. Access the energy available right now and release these negative energies from your Akashic Records to SPIRIT.

3. Create a daily mantra to repattern the subconscious mind, “I am worthy”, “I deserve happiness”, “I am Intelligent”. There are three other examples in today’s video.

When Sensitives have the courage to face their shadow self, and do the conscious work, spiritual connection becomes much stronger, and their lives begin to transform in a much larger way.

I am encouraging you to take a stand for yourself, claim your divine birth right, and use the moment to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

If you are ready to rid yourself of these energetic pathways, and require some assistance in accessing the Akashic Records, I invite you to a free virtual coffee chat with me. Let’s see where you are, and how we can work together to get you the support you deserve.

Here is the link

You deserve the right support to help you and your spiritual gifts reach their full potential.



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