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Stuck? Stop depleting your energy, start thinking.

Stuck? Stop depleting your energy, start thinking.

The following is one of my most popular teachings for sensitives who are ready to strengthen their spiritual gifts.

Here’s what I desire you to know. As your spiritual gifts grow beyond your awakening phase (yeah!), you will become increasingly more conscious of energy.

Maybe you’re there already?

Tell me, is this you?

You are beginning to see people for who they really are.You are seeking more energy cleansing rituals or routines.

You don’t seem to have quality time for yourself or your family.

You feel stuck.

You are spending more and more time wondering if this is your energy or someone else’s.

You may start thinking, “How long can I keep this up?”

You look into the future and realize you probably won’t be able to grow because you are not able to protect your own energy, your current reality isn’t supporting who you really are, and you can’t see yourself living like this much longer.

How do you make a shift in spiritual growth when it’s like this?

Having these thoughts is how you know you are ready to begin the Power phase, meaning, you embrace your divine power, without depleting yourself more (in fact, it is much less). It is time to think about how you can shift to the next level of your divine gifts to help and be a light to more people than you can when you are depleted. Your current spiritual consciousness is hindering the fullest potential of your divine gifts.  

Here is how to get to the next level: you make time to disengage and think.

When at the overwhelm stage of absorbing other people’s energy, it’s not by doing cleansing rituals, or hermiting from others, that will help you grow. You actually need to hermit less, think more, and journal where your energy is going now.

The number one step I recommend is to set up at least one day a week (if not once a day) where you do not have to interact with people at all. Instead, you think.

Why away from people? You require a separate place to be at one with yourself and track your energy usage. That means including energy you put out to others, as well as energy that was taken from you. Then begin to brainstorm about how you desire your time and your energy to flow.

Having this pause helps you to increase perspective and also have time to listen to your divine intuition. This process requires a sacred space set aside specifically for that purpose, without the day-to-day interruptions that will prevent the flow of awareness.

I do this with on a regular basis surrounded by water, quartz crystals, and soft light. It helps to release all the tension and create a sacred space. It is a cleaning time where I explore all the possible channels that my energy went and find the rabbit holes that can be avoided.

Let yourself observe the flow of your energy without judgement ~either others or yourself. It just is. This is how you honor your divine light, and others who are ready to create their own solutions. The possibility for growth for those who drain your energy is not possible unless you release their drain on you. It is through awareness that this becomes possible.  

Your Next Step:

Right now, take out your calendar and plan your first disengage and think day.

Now, if you are not sure how to reclaim your energy, or if you feel that someone has corded into you so strongly that you can remove it yourself, then I suggest that you spend some time with me, I offer support for sensitives, energy clearing, and accountability you need to reclaim your divine energy. The important thing to do is to set up simple, solid routines to increase your perspective and listen to your divine intuition. You can do this without having to hermit yourself, so you can consistently build your energy reserves, and focus on strengthening your divine gifts.

If you feel that you are ready to move from your current phase of spiritual awareness, I have cleared a few places on my calendar so you can get some clarity: Personal Energy Protection Strategy Session (It has been so popular I had to open up a few more spots, so grab yourself now!).

I would like to help you with the tools of energy protection and support your desire to nurture your divine spiritual gifts. If you feel this is the right time for you then I am going to ask you to click here now and set a date for us to connect. You can always connect by email if that is a better fit for you right now.



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