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Are you experiencing stagnant and lack of motivation? Here is why.

Are you experiencing stagnant and lack of motivation? Here is why.


  • lack of motivation
  • not waking up feeling rested
  • get up and go got up and went!
  • confusion
  • feelings of being caught in a hopeless cycle
  • feeling like time is slipping or speeding up

This is a matter of simple geophysics and astronomy.

What? The earths electromagnetic field shifts according to its placement in time and space in conjunction with planetary alignment.

Before I lose you have a look at this graph. Notice the bell curve shape going rhythmically from day to day. It represents a time period from January 03, 2021 to January 05, 2021.

Critical Frequencies 01052021 2100

Now notice the recent graph reflecting no bell curve June 17, 2021 to June 19, 2021.

Critical Frequencies 06192021 1200

When you see a bell curve shape that means the electric frequencies are cycling with both an active state – higher on the graph, and resting state – lower on the graph.

This is normal and allows the human mind and body to rest also. The erratic lines do not. There are many scientific studies about the electromagnetic field on the human mind and body so I will not include them here.

The result of the erratic pattern of critical frequencies we are seeing now is fatigue. When you are tired you lack motivation. Simple.

What you do to help yourself, and get some of that energy back? In today’s video I share simple steps on how to achieve the best balance possible.

Most Sensitives are feeling a lack of motivation, feeling like their get up and go – got up and went, and are not resting well.

Plan of Action: Stay hydrated, monitor physical body ph balance, rest when you need to, make a clear plan on daily activities.

I trust this will bring you some hope and inspiration to keep moving, you are bringing light to the world!

You can do it!

Sending you lots of love. XO

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