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Sandra took her power back (And you can too)

I sat with Sandra quietly at the end of our session time. I watched as her face changed from harried, and emotionally war-torn to a more pleasant sense of peace, understanding, and hope. I asked her what she was feeling.

“For the first time, in a long time, I actually feel that there is hope that I will see my grandchildren again. I understand now why my daughter had shut me out and not let me buy things for their birthdays,” Sandra said this with a distant look on her face. I knew from what she had shared in session that she was at the end of her rope having suffered so much pain in her life.

Sandra’s story sounds a lot like many others that I have worked with over the years in my practice.

You see Sandra had been a victim of Narcissism.

She had felt the pain of what it was like to be emotional ignored, not good enough, and never the focus of her mother’s love without emotional strings.

She described feeling empty, always doubting herself, and never good enough to get her mothers love.

She grew up feeling out of control, and within that found her own means to control her world . . . money, and lots of it. This helped her feel more in control of her own life because it meant that she could choose whatever she wanted even maintaining a false sense of emotional balance and purpose in her life.

During our session she began to put two and two together and understand that money had not created a sense of emotional balance in her life. It had only created a sense of separation from her feelings, and played a role in how she treated her daughter and grandchildren.

“I feel lost,” Sandra told me, “I want my power back, and I want clarity on my path going forward in life”. Do you feel the same way?

If so then ask yourself the following questions, and take the time to write out what comes up for you.

  • Does, or did, your mother act jealous of you or your accomplishments?
  • When you discuss your life challenges with your mother, does she bring the conversation back to herself?
  • If you open up to your mother and share your feelings, does she one up you because her issues are worse?

Awareness is the first step in taking your power back. Once you begin to unravel your feelings, and become more aware of your subconscious programming, you can take power back.

At the end of the session Sandra has taken her first step, and felt a huge sense of relief. Are you ready to take your power back? If this feel right, let’s get together and chat about your situation. It’s free, and you really will begin to feel better just talking about it. Click here now.

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