🎇Everything is changing at an alarming rate🤨 👉High Pitch Whine Secrets👈

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Everything is changing at an alarming rate. In this video Deanna shares why sensatives are feeling exhausted, the secrets to the high pitch whine, and is time really speeding up?

Deanna Gloyd is metaphysician pioneering the world of metaphysics, classic physics and modern physics in the field of spiritual reality.

Deanna is a master dowser specializing in the Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? They contain all the information of the journey of each soul across all time, space, and dimensions. Accessing the records can transform the clarity of connection between you and spirit guides, upgrade your energy shield, release blocks to greater financial freedom, and even give you insight into your current relationship.

Deanna is an Energy Shift Advisor working with Schumann’s Resonance to help spiritual awakening people to understand the ascension process. In her readings she enjoys working with Star seeds, empaths, and Highly Sensitive People to help them take back their personal power and own their place in the Universe.

Deanna is also a medium and medical intuitive. She speak to deceased loved ones bringing forward message, creating closure, and delivering ancient wisdom.

🤩Here are a few things to consider when booking a reading with Deanna. Do you ever ask yourself what is the high pitch whine in my ear? Do you suffer from other people draining your energy? Is there a reason why your deceased loved one may not be crossing over?

To ask her questions live, join her at 6:00 PM Mountain Time Tuesday night at https://www.facebook.com/Toolsofenergyprotection.

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