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Hello All Beautiful Lightworkers!

As the realities of Hurricane Ida come to light many of us are feeling both a sense of helplessness, and a desire to take action. Having lived through both Hurricane Erin and Hurricane Opal myself in 1995, my heart is especially touched.

There is nothing quite like watching the livestream of the TV reporter standing in front of Mobile Bay reporting that all of the water had drained out of it and into the building storm. It took a moment for my mind to register that what was behind him was not a grey screen, but the absence of water in the bay that was only two traffic lights from the place I as staying. I kept thinking what went out has to come back in.

I took shelter in place during Hurricane Erin and watched the news continuously until the power went out, I felt alone, isolated, and extremely nervous. I felt asleep exhausted as the storm made landfall further down the coast line. Living through this kind of disaster there is such a feeling of helplessness, panic, and confusion.

As a sensitive you have a very powerful affect on the energy around you. In combination with your direct connection with God / SPIRIT / Source you can become a powerful part of the lightworkers collective consciousness.

Join me now in asking that all that have been lost or displaced from families be found and reunited, that all the First Responders, National Guard, Sheriff / Police Departments, task force, or highway patrol receive the support they require to do their job including financial resources, food, rest, and duty rotation. Ask SPIRIT that all animals in need of rescue be found and taken to safe havens, that all people who lost their lives to be reconnected to the other side.

In this video you will see how the heartbeat of the earth reacts at the time of the hurricane as shown on the Schumann’s Resonance chart. Watch for the spike, and think about your ability to sleep at approximately midnight mountain time.

The time is to take action as a lightworker. To help others stand strong, to bring the light to the darkness, and be part of something greater than yourself. This is a time as a lightworker to empower others to make a difference on the front lines. I implore you to stand now (Matthew 7:7-8): , give as you are able (2 Cor 9:7), and know that it is done (John 14:13).

If you are able to give financially then give. Here is the link.

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