Flooding, Fires, and Fear ~ Are you ready?🧭Massive Shifts to Joy!👈

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As the world sees more and more natural disasters, and we face an ever changing world, ask yourself: Am I Ready? What is your current relationship like with God, SPIRIT, Source?

Are you sure about the “truth” that is being presented to the world? Or are you connected to a higher level source that will show you the light and the way during troubling times?

In this video Deanna covers some trigger subjects and gives guidance on how to align yourself with the highest vibrational frequency, or love. Other topics are juicy relationship energies, and why reason is being tossed out the window. New moon on September 6, 2021 combine with Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus in retrograde create massive opportunities for a more joy filled life. What? Yes, listen now as Deanna reveals the keys to gain more joy.

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