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4 Key Traits of a StarSeed

Have you ever wondered what a StarSeed is?

You have heard the buzz in the metaphysical community, and you still aren’t sure. Listen now as Deanna reveals 4 key traits or signs of a starseed.

I would like to invite you to an entry level class that takes a look at the differences between a starseed, an empath, and a highly sensitive person. click here for all the details. Although some traits can appear to be the same and blur the lines of distinction, it is important to know that there are 4 key traits that set starseeds apart from the balance of the intuitives.

Each type of intuitive has a part to play in the collective consciousness that is currently healing the planet. What would the foot be without the ankle, and what would the leg be without the knee. All of us are very important to the transitional state the planet is currently experiencing. Knowing the key words can help us to feel more secure and empowered in our individual calling.

My name is Deanna Gloyd and I am the founder of The Spiritual Awakening Academy, the training division of Tools of Energy Protection dot com. Our mission is raising the frequency of the planet one intuitive at a time. Welcome. If you have a questions or are looking for answers about your gifts and abilities you can reach me and my team directly by clicking here.

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