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Are You like Matthew? He is seeking clarity.

I received an unexpected visit from Matthew last week that I believe will be very inspiring for you. It points to the power of a Zen Proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

I am not speaking of myself as the teacher. It was Matthew who appeared to teach me.

It was the end of my day after seeing clients at the For Heaven Sakes Book Store, I was in earshot of cash register. I overhead Matthew talking about his newly discovered intuitive abilities that has seemed to have come out of nowhere.

He said, “I recently became more aware that I am sensitive and seem to take on the energies of those around me. I told a few of my friend that I was exhausted in my current relationship, and I honestly think she is an energy vampire. My friends just don’t get it, and they think I am nuts. I am not sure if I am an empath, or what. I wish there was someone that could guide me through these changes because there are so many videos and well meaning people, but I feel so lost. I really wish someone would just point me in the right direction .”

Feeling very lead to do so I introduced myself to Matthew. I asked him what are the three biggest questions you have, what keeps you from embracing the journey of developing your intuition?

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I don’t know if I am an empath, a starseed, or a highly sensitive person,” he said with a puzzled look on his face, “I do feel like I am drained by other people’s negative energy easily, and in some aspects I do not feel like I am even from this planet. I feel like I don’t belong. I would rather be by myself, and I feel that way more lately.”

“Second, “I keep hearing this ringing in my ears. It began a while back, but I didn’t think too much about it before. Now, especially when I am unsure about someone, the pitch gets higher. There is a different higher pitch over the constant ringing, it goes away after a few seconds, but I always feel like someone is trying to tell me something.” Matthew had a thoughtful, yet inquiring look on his face. I smiled and let him know that was not unusual given our current journey in time and space.

He took a deep breath and looked at me. I could sense that the next question was the biggest one he had been sitting on for a while. He took another deep breath looked me in the eye and asked, “Are there others like me? I feel so isolated, like I am the only one who senses things, hears this ringing in my ears, and feels so alone?

That is when I realized that Matthew was my teacher.

I knew that if Matthew was seeking answers, trying to understand himself and deeply desiring a tribe, then many others were also. You see SPIRIT was teaching me that I needed to open up more and share more of the divine knowledge. It was my calling and my duty to do so.

So I am inviting you, just like I did Matthew, to get really clear on what do you desire to learn . . .

What would happen in your life if you were no longer confused about your intuitive gifts?

How would your life change if you knew what was possible for you?

What if you were able to connect all the dots and create a beautiful understanding about how the energy in the Universe flows through all of us?

If you are shouting “Yes. yes, that’s me!” as you are reading this and wondering what is the quickest way to tap into your calling, I have something for you. I am running for the first time ever the Spiritual Awakening Academy mini course that will cover the basics of the three biggest questions when developing your intuition. It is designed to help you find your life purpose and your inner joy as an intuitive.

It’s you, me and a loving community of other intuitives who want to make a big difference in the world.

Click here to get all the details about The Spiritual Awakening Academy mini course.

I hope you’ll be there with me. I would love to help you share your calling with the world.

P.S. It only takes a moment to decide to change your life forever . . and yes, there is a whole community of other intuitives just like you who can’t wait to meet you.

Talk soon, XOXO

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