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3 Reasons why Narcissist are attracted to Empaths, & How to Protect yourself.

In today’s video I am going to introduce 3 reasons why Narcissists are attracted to Empaths and what you can do about it.

So the basic reasons that narcissistic personalities are attracted to empaths are:

  1. The Need to Feed.
  2. Narcissist need someone who loves deeply, forgives quickly, and has NO boundaries.
  3. Narcissist are Empaths gone bad. That right. If you missed this point watch the video again.

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons why Narcissist are attracted to Empaths, & How to Protect yourself.”

    1. Great Question Yolanda. It takes practice and courage to hone your skills. The first step is being aware that you are experiencing the behavior of a Narcissist. There are many great books that can enhance your awareness, once your realise what is happening then you can begin to take steps to protect yourself. I do have a special program to support you during this process.

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