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Amazing Accuracy in Mediumship

Deanna Gloyd is a talented medium having read for thousands of people, both living and deceased often filling venues to capacity. She has been compared to Hollister Rand, Psychic Lawyer Marc Anthony, and Kim Moore.

One of her most unique talents is to be able to connect with deceased loved ones from anywhere ~ even when her audience is on the other side of a camera. Imagine being able to connect to an audience member that you can only read their question. Many psychic mediums rely on touching objects of a deceased loved one, connecting with an audience member in person, or hearing their voice. Deanna only had the Facebook live feed to read.

Watch as Deanna does this with amazing accuracy, caring, and without taking a break between readings. The feed doesn’t show in this video; however, she willing reads the feedback from her audience without filtering the responses.Her amazing talent was featured recently on

“This is my passion, and my pleasure to connect people to their deceased loved ones,” Deanna states, “I co-owned a ghost hunting company for several years where I discovered I could hear ghost.” “I never really thought much about it,” she continues, “until one day when a woman came to my office for a reading. Before we began I saw a transparent woman showing me a beach ball and a picture of the ocean. I hesitantly mentioned what I was seeing to my client. She burst out in tears and exclaimed, ‘That is my sister, she died last year suddenly.’ I was stunned. That is how it all began.”

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Contest Rules:1. Click Follow Deanna’s Youtube channel.2. Ask her a question about what it is like to be a medium. The most interesting question will be selected.3. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 on Facebook live. Click here for the Tools of Energy Protection Channel, then click follow. 

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