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A big shout out to everyone who entered the contest last week to win a free thirty minute mediumship reading with Deanna. The winning entry was a question from Missy, “When did you realize that your gift could truly help others? Were you scared to start that journey?”

In this video Deanna reveals that her gift first began when she co-founded a private ghost hunting company, “The purpose of our ghost hunting company was to free those souls who were earthbound while creating a safe space for the living, I never knew that it would turn into mediumship.”

It may be a surprise to some that speaking with deceased loved ones isn’t what was scary to begin the journey, listen now for her big reveal . . .

If you are hearing a ringing or a high pitch whine in your ears that intensified yesterday (October 25, 2021) and then dissipated it is due to the unusual resonance of the heartbeat of the earth. Notice the white distortion at the top on the chart indicating a lower frequency at a higher rate of oscillation. See pictured below. This shift increases the amount of spiritual connection and energy that is available.

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