I bring you hope, joy, and love! 🤗

I bring you hope, joy, and love!

Join Deanna as she shares a message about the very real magic that is free and available now.

Schumann Resonance November 30. 2021

The Creator Source of All is providing mana for all of us to partake in. This mana helps us to restore our spiritual self, and offers balance and focus to our human minds. This is a beautiful blessing to those who are aware, awake, and know how to access this spectacular energy.

This energy is electromagnetic resonance and is recorded by Schumann Resonances.

Schumann Resonance November 30, 2021

On the graph you will notice an abundance of energy at 4 Hz. This energy can be used by the human mind to stimulate peace, enhance a trance like state, or even increase focus and concentration. The bonus is that it reduces anxiety. A sample of this sound can be found here https://youtu.be/5Ig98tWMq0U. The scientific evidence supports that God does give manna, or Mana in the Polynesian culture, from Heaven.

There is much to learn, and if you are being called to learn more about these energies, or how to embrace them in your life, I invite you to apply for the Spiritual Awakening Academy. https://toolsofenergyprotection.com/spiritual-awakening-academy-2021/

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