Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus Deliver a Powerful Punch

Schumann’s Resonances 12-04-2021 to 12-06-2021
Critical Frequencies 12-04-2021 to 12-06-2021

Recent planetary shifts have delivered a plethora of extremely low bands widths from 8hz to 13hz. The planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus came in close proximity with the moon creating dramatic shifts in the earth bioelectromagnetic energy.

These frequencies are normally not detectable by the human ear; however, Sensitives that have been experiencing the high pitch whine, or the high pitch frequency, were treated to a special display of binaural beats beginning about 8 PM Mountain Standard Time on December 5th, and extending into December 6th about 5 PM Mountain standard time. For a sample of theta binaural beats click here.

These frequencies are stimulating the hippocampus (learning and memory) and the isocortex (sensory and motor skills). The tones are vibrating between the two creating a rhythic neuro signal. The brain takes these two similar frequencies or sounds and combines them into one sound. Sensitives that are able to focus on the sound for a longer period of time will be able to hear the two distinct frequencies.

The Schumann’s Resonance Graph, as shown above, shows the activity has been quite intense (note the top of the chart would normally be reflected in blue and not white, red, and green). These energy frequencies are an extremely low bandwidth and are good for underwater communication. I found this fascinating since the brain and heart is comprised of 73% water.

Things you may have noticed:

  • inability to sleep
  • weird dreams that seemed to last all night
  • irritability
  • achy joints
  • return of physical body pains that have been absent for months or even years
  • issues with depth perception
  • increase in the ability to focus or meditate
  • clarity regarding spiritual matters

If there are other things you are noticing please send us a note, you will find points of contact in the about section of toolsofenegyprotection.com

One Comment on “Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus Deliver a Powerful Punch

  1. Spot on. I heard some very low pulsing tones that I haven’t heard before. Hardly slept last night but thankfully I slept in.

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