New Year Predictions!

white moon on hands

What is in store for 2022? Will the crazy train ride be over? Or can you expect more of the same?

What if you absolutely knew what the future held? Would you plan for what was coming, or just gracefully walk forward an allow things to fall into place because . . . well you already knew what was coming?

Well in a way 2022 will bring with it the energy to shift into any reality that you can imagine. Wait . . .what? Yes, the electromagnetic frequency of earth is shifting providing us with an connectivity that is more powerful than you can imagine. Today’s video will give you insight on what to look for especially if you are feeling stuck. *The audio on the video was stuck for a few minutes ~ but eventually. . whala! LOL!

It looks like self love is definitely in the Universe’s plans for 2022. Knowing that you deserve joy in your life, there is a higher level plan for your life, and that being more center will help you to navigate your relationships will enable you to navigate as you move forward.

If you are hearing the high pitch ringing in your ears, or tinnitus, and would like to know a little more about how that empowers sensitives click here.

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