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How to Get Unstuck in Life and Live a More Fulfilling Life

Today, my beautiful sensitives, I invite you to start thinking about what it would like to be released from all your fears of fully being and living as a highly sensitive person . . .totally free from the day-to-day energy draining soul sucking existence.

Think about what your days would be like if you were total focused solely on using your divine gifts moment to moment, spending your time creating your reality, and enjoying emotional freedom.

How about effortlessly shielding your energy, understanding your purpose in life (beyond the day to day existence), and no energy vampires or negative energy dragging you down?

Sounds wonderful, right?

Yes, but how do you get there from here?

Let’s first address the fact that you didn’t understand that you were extra magical from birth, that you deeply sensed emotions more than others, and were willing to give of yourself freely and without boundaries.

Here is the thing that you are likely experiencing now: the world seems to have gotten a whole lot crazier, but the ability to shield yourself hasn’t gotten easier. Your spiritual gifts have not grown, and you have become the block in taking your power back.

You feel powerless, emotionally depleted, and this causes overwhelm and frustration.

Even if you have honed some of your spiritual abilities, you still probably have questions and feel unsure about the information that you gleaned on the internet or reading a few books.

Standing in your own way is causing the delays.

It is causing overwhelm and frustration. Even if you have a spiritual team, meditate daily, and understand that you are a little bit different than everyone else around you. You may feel stuck, and held back from living a more fulfilling life.

Your sensitivities cannot and will not grow further without you taking the next big step. Besides, the pace is not sustainable long term as the world’s energies are changing so quickly – many sensitives burn out and give up.

So now what?

Well, let’s admit that you’ve become stagnant and let’s get clear on exactly what aspects of your sensitivities are being blocked.

The Stuckedness Assessment

Pull out your journal and ask yourself the following:

=>What aspects of your sensitivities, or spiritual gifts, are you not showing up for? Where are you not willing to do the work?

Make a list with space in between for each one of your gifts. These are some common areas: Clear Seeing, Clear Hearing, Clear Knowing, Clear Sensing.

Add any others that you have experienced or are relevant to your beingness.

Now that we are a bit clearer on where you are blocking the flow, ask yourself:

=> How is your current understanding of your gifts serving you?

=> How is it affecting your personal life?

When you really get specific and can see these effects on paper, you will understand why you are stuck and blocking yourself from living a more fulfilling life as a highly sensitive person.

Starting to see what’s not working, and unsure what to do differently? That is exactly what I am here for, to help you step out of the powerlessness and reclaim your freedom.

I invested 10 years perfecting four easy steps that can getting you unstuck quickly.

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