👉Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Gaslighting

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Today’s Question: What is the relationship between Akashic Records and Narcissism? How does gaslighting effect my Akashic Records in my current life, and how does that relate to past lives? And what does that mean to empaths?

In this video I scratch the surface of what gaslighting can do to a sensitive.

When a narcissist gaslights you that means you find yourself questioning your beliefs. The narcissist is skilled in getting you to believe that what you know deep within, and hold to be true, in fact is nothing but an illusion. This causes the empath to have a skewed vision of reality and creates a feeling of imbalance and dependence on the narcissist.

Have you been questioning your reality? Do you shake your head and say to yourself this can not be real, this can not be happening, or how did I get here? One of narcissist favorite tactic is to have you question yourself as to what you have done, said, or remember doing. This is especially true when you have set verbal boundaries with a narcissist. The narcissist will violate those boundaries over and over telling you that you never had any discussion with them about what was bothering you, and they had no idea that your sense of reality matched to theirs. This places you in the “wrong” and the defensive / victim position.

Sensitives tend to attract this kind of person over and over again until they learn to back up the boundaries by having a plan to exit, or have the financial power to take the steps necessary to create a safe space for themselves.

Narcissist block your path to success, or they are unsupportive of your growth. This is a key component in a relationship between a narcissistic mother and her daughter. If the daughter is beautiful, intelligent, or creative, the narcissistic mother will perceive her as a threat to her emotional security and will do anything she can to block the daughter’s path to success including mocking her, stating that she will never succeed, or not support her dreams and encourage her to stretch herself creatively.

If this is currently happening to you, could it have happened over many lifetimes? Accessing the Akashic records can reveal to you how many lifetimes you have been creating and living in the same pattern. Once these records are discovered it becomes easier to create a more positive reality in this life.

Simply accessing the Akashic Records is not enough. After connecting with the records the energy associated with them can be diffused and dissolved. This is a huge relief to the soul, and most of my clients report feeling lighter and happier.

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