Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Triangulation

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Today’s Questions: What do Akashic Records, Narcissism, and Triangulation have in common? How to use the New Moon energy to clear your karma?

In this video I scratch the surface on how triangulation can create dissonance for sensitives.

Akashic Records, Narcissism, and Triangulation

When a narcissist triangulates you that means they let someone else do the dirty work of emotional abuse that strips you of loving yourself one piece at a time. In order to maintain control a narcissist will enlist the help of another person in either a overt or covert way.

Overt triangulation is demonstrated when a lover, spouse, parent, or significant other begins giving all their attention to someone else such as a love interest, colleagues, students, or another child. They purposely exclude you by giving all their attention to someone besides you. You can clearly see this happening, and you directly experience the feelings and emotions of being left out. If you express your feelings you are criticised for being too needy, not as important, or being overly dramatic.

Covert triangulation is created by the narcissist busy themselves creating mistrust among staff, friends, or other family members. The underlying motive is to create mistrust among others, and allow themselves to be seen as the only one who is telling the truth, an the only one to be trusted. This places the narcissist in a position of power, and that is exactly what they are seeking.

What do the Akashic Records reveal about triangulation? Akashic Records are the soul records that record all the experiences, wisdom, and emotions of a particular lifetime. If the records are energetically imbalanced then the Universe will attempt to bring that souls experiences back into balance. In other words, karma. The challenge we face as sensitives is that we are not always aware that a current life drama may be the result of accumulated energy on another timeline.

The most efficient and effective way to balance out karmic debt is to connect with the Akashic Record and clear the emotional energy. This simple yet effective technique will literally transform the weight of your current reality into one that is much lighter and easier to process. During this simple process the records may reveal that you have been involved in a past life as an emotional manipulator. If the karmic debt remains unbalanced, it is possible that you may be experiencing the receiving end of narcissistic behavior.

Ready to access your records? Here is the link to my personal appointment book. It is easy. We will connect by phone and I will send you notes from your session time. See you soon!

The link to part two is 📝here https://youtu.be/EyVOBjpZUb8

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