Manifesting before Eclipse Season! DNA shifts 😶‍🌫️

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What is the magnificence of Manifesting before Eclipse Season?

During the Eclipse season energies will wax and wane and create more challenges than when all the planets are direct. So for the next three days take a moment to focus on what you would like to see manifest in the next six months. Once you have set your coordinates to your desired outcome and look for the signs the Divine is placing on your path, your direction will become clear. Set your course and allow your journey to unfold with all faith, love, and light.

Are we shifting our DNA sequencing or shifting into another reality? 😶‍🌫️ In this video Deanna talks about the signs of DNA activation and why it is happening right now.

The symptoms are:

  • Thirst. In wisdom be sure and check this symptom out to insure that is not diabetes or other know disease.
  • Ringing in the Ears, or high pitch whine. In wisdom check for tinnitus.
  • Strong inner desire for dietary change. Remember to maintain a healthy diet and appetite.
  • Faster manifesting. Ask and you shall receive.
  • Sifting out of friends. Frequencies are not matching and relationships will shift accordingly.

In wisdom this is not a medical perspective or advice. These are spiritually based observations of the symptoms of DNA activation.

This is the next chapter in our awakening as lightworkers. Allow yourself to advance, you will feel the uplift of Divine love as you do. If you feel moved to join us May 1, 2022 ~ You can fill out an application here. There is not charge to apply. We begin May 01, 2022.

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