Next Level of Empath Jumanji

Some questions for you to think about today. . .

What would happen with your energy shields if you suddenly experienced an unexpected flux?

What if you weren’t able to see where the next curve ball was coming from?

What if you could automatically manifest with a single thought?

Would you be able to identify the toxic energy cracking your shields?

Would your reflexes be quick enough to dodge the ball?

Would you manifest crazy energies that kept you off balance?

Unfortunately, if you are not solid in your spiritual foundation and understanding of energy, then your worst fears would probably come true (I know it is hard to hear, but it doesn’t have to be this way). And if you are not fully founded in your power as a Sensitive, your fear may multiply as you experience fatigue and inadequacy.

Not what you envisioned when you decided to step forward and explore your connection with your spidey senses. Guessing what is going to happen next is unsustainable and it’s definitely not the path to growth or freedom. We can help turn this around. Let’s get your started right away.

If this is you, I admire everything you’ve done to get to this point. . . but it may be time to try something new.

If you are ready to stay on top of the next level of Empath Jumanji ~it is time to grow, it is time to let go of your fears. There is no other way.

In today’s video I am giving you a little pep talk ~a little nudge to let go of the fear.

If you’re trying to do it all on your own, can’t seem to let go and trust your spiritual foundation and understanding of energy, just know that that everyone who embraces their spidey senses has experiences this. It’s NORMAL. And I also know it doesn’t feel easy to let go (in the beginning), but it IS possible to let go of control and trust that what ever you fear will be taken can of.

We can show you how. Let’s talk about how we can help. Fill out the application here and we will talk about how we can help.

===> Just imagine increasing your self love on a daily basis.

===> You taking your power.

===>You being more at one with the Universe and energy.

I know that this sounds more like what you wanted when you started, doesn’t it?

Don’t put off getting support any longer. Let’s talk about what freedom would look like for you. Fill out the application here and we will talk about how we can help.

You deserve this. You really do.

You can do this.

Hugs, Deanna

P.S. Being a “control enthusiast” is actually a good thing – it is what got you here today, and many Sensitives never get to this level. So good job, high five! It may be time to accept that being in control is what is blocking your current growth. It is possible to change, but we usually can’t do it on our own. We are here to help. Fill out the application here and we will talk about how we can help.

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