Happy Narcissist Mother’s Day

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Hey, If you grew up with a narcistic mother, I want to call you out, if I may.

So many sensitives are waiting for some kind of a reconciliation. They have dreamt about the day their mom would wake up and realize what a jerk she had been and apologize. And when we have reached out – if only on Mother’s day ~ we were hoping somehow for a warm embrace, that this time it would be different. (Have you ever done that? Yeah, me too.)

The sting is the same each time. I remember rolling my eyes and hating myself that much more and stating, “How could I have been so stupid?” Of course, this adds to your already high level of self-esteem . . . right? NOT!

“I’ll get my mother’s approval when I graduate college.”

“Once I have children, she will be more accepting of me and become a doating grandmother.”

“I just can’t keep handing you money,” she said.

“I am exercising tough love, you will figure it out,” she said.

“Don’t you lie to me, I know that you . . .,” she said.

The problem is, the longer we delay accepting her for who she really is, the longer we delay the self acceptance we crave (more self-love, more self-esteem, greater inner acceptance). It is time to get the help that you need now, not later. And it all starts when you accept that you are a sensitive, and most likely and empath, who is worth everything.

Allow yourself the time and the space to grow, to learn, to recover. The nasty wounds that a narcissistic mom leaves on her daughter can be debilitating to her work as an empath, as a light bringer, and a woman.

From the bottom of my heart, I implore you to release the urge to reconcile with someone who will never be ‘fully ready’ to embrace you. If you find yourself wondering what is wrong with you, or if you will ever be good enough for your mother’s approval this Mother’s Day, then you are most likely dealing with a narcissistic personality disorder.

The impact that Mother’s Day can have on an empath who grew up with a Narcissistic Mom can be debilitating. Do not put off getting the right support any longer. Create your vision for your future, and move forward. She will never be the mother that you needed, craved, or longed for, so take your power back now.

There will always be fear when it comes to investing in yourself instead of feeding into the narcissist drama; there will be uncertainty; there will be pushback, an emotional jab to dodge, a well intentioned relative shaming you, an emotional onion to peel and heal. There will NEVER be a right time.

So today, this day, celebrate your right to be alive, your right to be emotionally healthy, and get the help and support that you need. Practice the Ho’oponopono to help release the unbalanced energy.

Self Love Creates Healing,


P.S. You were not meant to be an emotional punching bag, you were mean to embrace your beautiful divine gift and share it with the world. Things truly can be different but you have to stop long enough to get the help you need.

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