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Today. let’s talk about the kind of quality of life your sensitive nature is currently providing you.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your quality of life (10 being ‘my current energy management affords me a dream life’ and 1 being I’m drained, fatigued, and overwhelmed going through the motions of my life’)?

If you are happy with your current quality of life, then high five! But if you are not yet enthusiastic about the quality of your life, the is message is for you. Just know that you can change it.

Of course, there are a lot of people who don’t think its possible to have BOTH successful energy management AND a lifestyle that embraces the freedom and joy of being a facilitator of healing energy (Do you share the same thoughts?).

I am going to share with you, my beautiful Sensitives that you can have both: YOU CAN enjoy your energy healing business AND your energy management – very quickly. Its begins with your belief system.

In this video I share 4 ways to create peace within, a very basic check list to begin re-arranging your belief system ~get pen and paper and make yourself a note now.

One of the beliefs Sensitives should be aware of is the tendency to give our energy to others as if we have endless amounts. We don’t draw boundaries, take time to refresh our souls – because we might miss an opportunity to “rescue” the client, or feel we are not worthy to engage in self care.

If you start to feel icky or guilty because you have taken time to yourself, created more free time for your loved ones, vacations, or money generating activities, then think about what your inner child would say. Would your inner child allow itself to be drained of it’s joy and laughter? Children say yes to another play date, more toys, and having fun. Allow your inner child to shift your adult belief system toward creating the freedom found in energy management – a little work, and a little play. Don’t let anyone steel your favorite toy ~ the joy of facilitating healing energy for others.

On a personal note, I too have to confront my own quality of life and safe boundaries as a Sensitive. I had limiting beliefs around abundance and serving business and lifestyle I have today. I had to ask myself why I believed that it was one way: exhausting myself helping others 7 days a week verses having lots of downtime and not much money.

I allowed myself to do the hard work and realized that this behavior pattern was instilled by a narcissistic mother who drained my energy and life force and set me up to allow others to do the same. Being an empath, highly sensitive person, and a star seed this made it all the more devastating to my sense of well being.

If this is striking a chord and your ready to make a change, I am here for you. This struggle with worthiness is something many of us Sensitives struggle with (especially women). However, it may not be something you can change on your own. . . and I am here to help you do it so you can start living the life you have always dreamed of while continuing to increase your impact on the world through your work.

This is a big part of what I do in the Spiritual Awakening Academy. The Academy will show you exactly how to take your power back, release the feelings of guilt, and take your power back by tackling the limiting beliefs, or small thinking, that have until now kept you in struggle or overwhelm. You require both strategy and mindset. This is the sweet spot for lasting change.

If your curious about what we do and how we (I mean myself and the amazing community of women) can help you do it, book a time for us to talk now, sooner rather than later.

It’s your time.

Let’s get you there.

Hugs, Deanna

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