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You Deserve Cutting Edge Support

I imagine that you are self-reliant.

A self-starter.

Following your gut instinct, taking spiritually uplifting classes, practicing yoga, embracing your shadow work, doing your level best as an empath to remain centered and balanced, right?

That’s worked up until now, and I am also getting that it feels like heavy energy to attempt to keep this up during all these recent energy shifts.

You have always tried to figure it out o your own . . and that is getting old, isn’t it?

What if you didn’t have to figure it all out on your own? What if you were able to get the help you need to stop . . .

=> struggling in working through a lot of core beliefs, disbeliefs and pains

=>feeling like all the work you have done over the years to shield and protect your energy is not effective

=> looking for the right direction to help you through this emotional and spiritual upheaval

=> feeling so isolated, which leads to self-doubt and anxiety

=> feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out and wanting to give up

Yes, you are strong, an overcomer, and really good at what you do. That cannot be disputed.

However, no one can do everything well because you:

  1. You can’t see your own blind spots.
  2. You don’t know, what you don’t know about expanding your empathic ability and gaining your life back.

Everything changes though when we go from isolation to having cutting edge support and mentorship.

multi cultural people

The opposite of isolation is belonging to a community of kind-hearted, truth seeking empaths who are also expanding their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of these energy shifts. A community that NORMALIZES the idea that you can shield your energy, even follow your gut, with a loving relationship and family.

When you, as an empath, have dozens of other generous empowered empaths fiercely believing in your vision, celebrating your wins, giving you a soft place to land, and sharing their experiences . . . there is NOTHING that you can’t do!

When you are in a community of other Sensitives’ who have the same healthy ambition and also want to spend plenty of time with loved ones, where an energy balanced life is the norm, you begin to live and create that space for yourself.

When you are surrounded by others who believe in you, you begin to believe in yourself like never before.

=> You embrace the upleveling in your life and your energy field.

=> You begin to create your reality with more peace, less stress, and more divine abundance.

It works that way. The synergy creates more and more of the same. Can you imagine yourself inside the energy vortex that supports your growth? You “see it” and you feel worthy of it, perhaps for the first time. That is when the negative energy of others no longer sticks to you, and you can easily see the lessons and rebalance yourself. You shift your energy, you release the self-limiting beliefs, and step forward into your dreams with your divine gifts fully in tact. No more uncertainty, no more walking on egg shells. It is all forward motion.

Are you curious about what it would look like to step out of isolation and gain a family of empaths, inspiring peers and a loving mentor by your side as you spiritually evolve? Let’s talk.

Tell my your story. I would like to get to know you better, understand your struggles and what is happening now. I would like to hear about your vision for your future, and see if we would be a good fit for each other.

Tell me a little bit about your situation, and we can set up a time to talk so we can strategize your next steps and share more about the recourses available for you within our program.

Let’s get you out of overwhelm, and onto living your best life now!


P.S. Empaths flourish when they have the kind of connection and safety they get in the loving, supportive community we have created in the Spiritual Awakening Academy.

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