Replenish💪Your Vital Energy Now!

Today, I would like to share with you a few tips on how to replenish your vital energy.

Let’s face it being an empath in today’s world is exhausting, and having the courage to step into your full potential . . .well it can be a lot. I totally understand. 

I have invested years working on my shadow self, dumping toxic programing from my youth, and tuning into my innate abilities. 

I learned to set healthy boundaries with energy draining people, and how to quickly replenish my vital energy.

And then . . . well, simply put, now happened. All the previous skills that I has been using to shield, even preserve my energy, no longer seemed to be working.

Are you feeling this way? 

It is vital now for empaths to look within and do a little energy house cleaning, no short cuts. It will help you avoid pitfalls in the future. 

Here are some of the items from my energy house cleaning list:

  • Remove the visual clutter from each room you spend a great deal of time in (your mind will see the clutter and allow itself to block uplifting energy from streaming in). 
  • Allow part of your day to embrace the natural environment, put your feet on the earth or grass, absorb some of the negative ions (I enjoy a short walk in the mountains by a stream).
  • Create a safe space to meditate, burn candles, and journal (this doesn’t need to be a large space just a clean space).
  • Have the courage to say no to others in order to avoid overextending yourself (You teach others how to treat you). 
  • Clear and remove negative emotions from other lifetimes that are bleeding through into this one (I find removing these bad boys from my Akashic Records refreshes my chi energy and gives me renewed vigor).  

It’s no secret that a multitude of energy draining opportunities await us each day. It is up to you how you process them, and how you do not. It is hard enough to be an empath in today’s world without having to worry about your vital energy being drained. 

Next steps: 

  • Choose which task you will implement first from the energy cleaning house list
  • Make a time in your calendar  each day to work on the task
  • Identify the negative emotions that come up each day in your thoughts

The key is to take the action steps that you can. If you are struggling with negative emotions and you sincerely desire to just feel better (which would do you a world of good right now) let’s remove the negative energies from your Akashic Records together. This is the most expedient way to replenish your vital energy.

You have waited long enough. Call 303-964-9339 today, and ask for my schedule so that you don’t miss out on the 📩$21 discount this Friday for all one hour sessions. There are still opening for tomorrow phone, zoom, or in person.



P.S. And could I get you to do me a favor? Let another empath know that there is help, and that they do not have to go around feeling depleted all the time. Just forward this URL in an email with love. XOXOXO

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