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Energy Shift Update & Instructions to Shift

I am checking in to how you are doing . . . 

The most recent energy shift has some of us feeling drained, uninspired, pressure in our heads, and / or can’t see straight. Right? 

Can you relate?

In this video I go into more depth about the feelings of overwhelm and instructions to shift. 

Here are few more symptoms:

  • Extremely overwhelmed
  • Mind is unable to focus
  • high pitch whine is off the charts
  • feeling drained
  • uninspired to do anything at anytime

It’s post Covid and no one is talking about the PTSD that it has cause, the world has seemed to change overnight and sweep everything under the rug, are you kidding me?

This may be kind of raw and edgy, but who needs this poop? Current energy shift is elevating the levels of emotions and how we process our world. 👇🏼

My question is are you gonna wait? And do this the hard way? Or make it easy on yourself and have your etheric bodies power washed? How? Click here to find the next available time

Not ready yet? Click contact and tell my your particular story. Together we will figure it out.


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