Side Effects 🚨of Dimensional Shift and Time Jumping🎉

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Everyone is talking about fatigue, loss of time, roller coaster emotions, and like life is out of control.  

You too? 

Today I have a mindset shift that will help you be on the leading edge of information while soothing your soul. This video will allowing you to take a breath in your day to day life, and help you understand that what you are currently experiencing is about karmic balancing.  

Pretty mind-blowing, when you really think about it. I know when I first learned about fractal time, and the spread of my spiritual consciousness over many timelines – I began to wonder if I was sane. 

For example, I would be going about my normal daily routine and think, “I have been here before, except I experienced . . . .” I knew that I had already experienced the timeline and forgiven either myself or others. So why would I be experiencing it a second time.

And this is where my mind was blown: I realized that the experience had a series of different outcome and experiences that were all being linked by a shift in time ~ a slight shift. 

“Wait a minute,” I thought, “Am I really processing emotions that I have already resolved . . . AGAIN?

That is when I started paying attention to the frequent shift in my emotions throughout the day, the feeling like I have been there and done that, and that time was not really as it appeared. 

So to really bring this home your Divine Self is now processing mass amounts of karmic energy (Unbalanced energy we created in the Universe) though your current reality in order to free you from the karmic wheel.

That means you will be able to transcend this plane of existence and graduate to the New Heaven and the New Earth. I know that is a lot to process. 

When I am feeling exhausted, emotionally drained, and that time is not on my side, I take a deep breath and ask myself what is the re-occurring theme. Then I access my Akashic Records, and clear all the unresolved energy and balance the karmic debit. As a bonus, I bless and release any soul that has been attached to me because of this imbalance. In doing this, I feel better. 

Clearing Akashic Records of unbalanced energy produces a compound effect.  It stimulates your soul’s own healing process, releases you from time jumping, and reduces the emotional weight you now carry.

When my student’s apply this strategy they create a life that is less stressful, flows more easily, and experience less time distortion. 

What about you?

==> Would you enjoy feeling more in control of your life?

==>Maybe you’re trying to do it all alone, and you feel like you can’t clear the karma from your Akashic Records that is draining your energy instead of allowing you to create a life filled with more certainty and freedom?

If you are curious about what to do or how I can help you send me a message here.

Let’s get you focused doing better, okay?


P.S. I will be in Denver Wednesday 6/29/2022. Here is the number if your are ready 303-964-9339, if not, no rush, I am here for you. 

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