CERN and the Sirius portal🚨on the same day?!

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The Sirius Gateway and CERN are active on the same day?! Is this some sort of coincidence? I don’t think so. The Sirius gateway is a portal the creates an opportunity for sensitives to have a greater connection with their higher consciousness. CERN is the larges particle physics lab that is spinning and crashing particles together . . .and rumor has it that CERN is attempting to open a portal to another dimension.

Coincidence? This smacks of the whole 5D and 5G scenario. When 5D, or the 5th dimension, was shifting in frequency so it was more accessible to human beings, there was a pervasive movement toward the new 5G technology. It was announced at that time to be fully operation and the best thing ever to make communication better. Truth, it added more electromagnetic energy into our atmosphere and was not fully in swing when it was announced. If the announcement would have been delayed then it would not have lined up with the astrological and etheric event. Hmmm.

So what does this mean to sensitive and those who are awake, alert, and aware? Anytime there is a big release in the 3D world check what is happening in the Universe, in our awakening as a planet, and what that means to you. I know this is a little edgy, and this is the time we are living in. Tonight on Facebook Live bring your questions. If you have questions and are not on Facebook click here and leave me a message.

Here are the links to the articles about CERN:

Here is the Schumann Resonances from today.

Schumann Resonances 07-05-2022

Article on Sirius portal 2022

Here is the more in-depth video.

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  1. Lots heavy energy out there. Been using my trauma life essential oil and release essential oil.

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