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Are you feeling the Effects of Universal Alignment?

I am checking into see how you are doing! You will not believe what is going on in the Universe right now. There are googles of universes that are aligning right now offering you an unprecedented look into other lifetimes revealing karmic debit that can be balanced almost instantly.

I was wondering if you are experiencing any of these things:

🙋🏼‍♀️Feeling stuck ~ like your doing the same thing over and over, when really you have been doing the same thing over and over creating the life of your dreams ~ right? (huge eye roll) right! There is a sudden realization that what you have been doing is not really doing it for you, and what you have been working for is not really creating the same sense of accomplishment that it use to. 

🙍🏼‍♀️Feeling overwhelmed ~ everyone seems to want a piece of your time and you are already at the max of your plate 🍽️ being full with other peoples projects that you once felt obligated to do.  🙅🏼‍♀️In reality nothing has changed, and you are so done, done, done . . . enough. What happened to your sense of patience? Why are you no longer ready to give out your energy, and really want to reserve it for yourself and your beautiful projects that mean something to you?

🙍🏼‍♀️Feeling drained and yet ready to do what it takes to get over the hump of what was yesterday’s emotional baggage and get on with ❤️‍🔥you ~heart is on fire to discover more about your spiritual power, your beautiful divine gifts, and all the joy that life has to give (recognizing that you still have to sweep the floors, and pay the bills). 

The Universe shifted in June of 2022 and massively made available more amounts of karmic energy to be processed by your Divine Self and release you from the karmic wheel that keeps you repeating the same lessons over and over again. 

On the upside that means you will be able to transcend this plane of existence and graduate to the New Heaven and the New Earth. On the downside it means that your soul is traveling a lot while you are sleeping and slightly less interesting in what is going on here.  

👉🏼Clearing Akashic Records of karmic debit produces a magical compound effect.  It stimulates your soul’s own healing process so that you feel less 💥stuck, releases you from massive karmic overload so you can reserve more of your energy to explore your divine nature, and increase your vitality. 

What about you?

==> Would you enjoy feeling more in control of your life?

==> Maybe you’re trying to do it all alone, and you feel like you can’t clear the karma from your Akashic Records.

If you are curious about what to do or how I can help you send me a message here.

Let’s get you focused doing better, okay?


P.S. I will be in Denver Thursday 09/08/2022, Friday 09/09/2022, and Sunday 09/11/2022. Here is the number if your are ready 303-964-9339, if not, no rush, I am here for you. 

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