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🌝Special Pricing and Sunday🔮Feeling Stuck . . .

It’s Deanna, and I am reaching out to you because if you are sensitive you are most likely feeling the incredible energy being pumped into the earth right now. And you came to this planet to be a healer, a light, and experience all the beautiful things that life had to offer. 

It hasn’t been that way though, right? Especially over these last few days, you feel 

  • exhausted and don’t know where the energy is going to come from to face greater obstacles
  • feelings of loss and being REALLY stuck at the same time ~ saying out loud, “done, done, done” so many times a day that it has become rhythmic
  • a deep longing from deep down inside of your soul saying there is SO MUCH more to life that this . . . .

Sensitives have hit a pocket of acceleration! You are being asked to reach outside your comfort zone and see what has been holding your back, to close the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be.  . . no matter what you see in front of you.

Here are a few more signs of the shifts that other Sensitives have shared with me:

  • You may be feeling drained emotionally 
  • Experiencing really weird dreams about transformation
  • Having the desire to escape, yet strangely empowered. 

Among all the noise on the planet right now there is one thing for certain ~ you. You are a beautiful divine being shifting and opening up your light within more and more. That is why it might feel a little weird right now. Your Spirit DNA is expanding and opening up like a sunflower. Remember to point yourself in the direction of the sun. 🌞

Speaking of sun, I will be in Denver on Sunday, September the 11th to help you release anything that is holding your back: karma, curses, hexes, unresolved energies, spiritual indenture, etc. At the time of this email there were a few spaces available that you can book online by clicking here

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