Healing through Mediumship

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Have you recently lost a loved on in you’re life? Someone who has passed on and you are wondering if they are still around you?

Sheliah did, and here is what she had to say after our time together.

Deanna, I wanted to thank you so much for our session yesterday, I lost my husband seven years ago and still find the holiday’s to be one of the hardest times. Not only did you help me to talk to my husband, but you helped him to find a way back to God. He had been stuck on the earthly plane and appeared often in my pictures as an orb. I had no idea he was still here. Thank you for helping him to have the best Christmas present ever: returning to our Lord and Savior.

As a Medium and a facilitator for healing, I recognize that the healing journey can be a long and often difficult one.

One of the greatest gifts after the passing of a loved one is to be able to to have one last chance:

  • to say goodbye,
  • to right a wrong,
  • connect for conflict resolution,
  • to know that you are loved,
  • and that your loved one has gone to the other side.

Have you recently lost someone and feel that they are still around? Or do you see orbs of light in your pictures? Let’s connect, and bring you peace of mind. Simply click here now and select a time to connect. And if you are not in the Denver area we can connect via Zoom or by phone.

I understand if you need to wait bit before you book a session. Sometimes it takes a while . I am here when you are ready. To get started

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