Parallel Lives, Why are they Surfacing Now?

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Does it seem that this week has flown by or what? And if your week was anything like mine there were unexpected twist and turns in every moment.

What is at the root of all of this? Parallel lives with unresolved energies are collapsing into our timeline. 

And what does that mean? As an empath you are adjusting to the new frequencies of the earths vibration and processing unresolved energies. 

Do you remember the old saying: “Been there, done that?” Well now you have the idea. In order for you to accomplish your mission and do what you came here to do as an empath you are facing and processing unwanted energy.

How might this show up in your life? Well my clients this week were struggling with long time relationships. Brianna was very puzzled because she feels very alone and can’t seem to find a lasting relationship. She came to me to find out if there was something wrong with her. When her Akashic Records revealed that she had lived many lifetimes being cut off from her mother’s love, and not feeling good enough, she suddenly connected the dots. This was a time for her to focus on self love and self empowerment. Together we cleared the energy from 97 lifetimes making it easier to begin her selfcare and ultimately attracting the partner of her dreams. 

Is there an obstacle or challenge that you are facing right now that has you questioning yourself? 

Join me tonight at 7PM Mountain time as I explore your questions with a free Akashic Records reading on Facebook and Instagram. I will answer as many of your questions as I can and there will be a $100 bonus free I will announce at the end. 

Watch now to experience Akashic Records readings now.

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