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Live Event of the Year 👻This Saturday

Into the Night Séance with Deanna Gloyd 

This Saturday, October 29, 2022 Spirts will join us to communicate from the other side. 

Deanna communicates with loved ones that are on the other side, as well as those who have passed, and yet not crossed over. She communicates with spirits, angels, and earth bound spirits for over 13 years. 

Audience members can expect to experience a variety of sensations, emotions, and spirit communications. 

Some of the spirits bring messages of home and encouragement for our challenging times. Deceased loved ones will connect and bring comfort that they are still with you, and other spirits will offer guidance.

On occasion earth bound spirits that have not yet crossed over will come through to reveal the situation surround their death and bring closure for unanswered questions. 

Are you courageous enough to join us Saturday, October 29 at 7PM MST? The table of adventure is awaiting you, and a friend or two. 

Click here now, this event tends to sell out quickly – purchase tickets here and I will see you soon.

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