The Mysteries of Now!

forest at night

Are you aware that you are aware? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Are you finding yourself more and more anxious? Does it feel like you have less time to get things done and no matter how fast you go there is ALWAYS more?

Are the walls of your life caving in on you? Is there peril at every corner and you say to yourself get me out of here ~ hoping you will wake up and it is all a bad dream?

Find out more about the truth behind the mysteries by listening now.  Pace yourself it gets good 😃 And there are somethings that may shock you when you hear them. 

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  1. Deanna, Hi! Im not finding the 40% off offer you mentioned yesterday. Recall that I am Sharon Wilkins Sis-in-law (and Ive had one visit with you long ago). Yesterday I added your link at about 2 pm central time. Did I miss your new offer?

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