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🚧Moving Beyond Karmic Blocks 🧭Easy Solutions

Navigating these crazy energy shifts and planetary upgrades is going to be cra-crazy for a while. So strap on your seatbelt and get your tools ready. 🪚

Are you anything like Georgette who found herself going in circles and facing the same circumstances in her life? She noticed that there was a pattern of people and organizations that were seemingly taking advantage of her. 

One organization she had fought long and hard for her rights and thought she had reached a peaceful agreement that would work for both herself and the organization. But she was wrong. As soon as she relaxed the organization went back to walking all over her, and to make matters worse they did not even seem to notice. 

Georgette found herself outraged thinking what the heck? Had all the energy she put into drawing boundaries gone for nothing? Was she even being heard . . or even feeling safe?

Now Georgette had a decision to make. Would she stand up for herself again? Facing the deep wounds of trauma around self-love? Or would it just be easier to put up with the organization doing it’s “business as normal” and go on feeling depressed because nothing ever changes? 

That is when Georgette saw an Instagram post and decided to click on the link and get some help by opening her Akashic Records. The records revealed that there were 4,563 karmic blocks that were holding her in a repeating pattern blocking self advocation and repressing self-love. 

What did that mean? It meant that Georgette was working out 4,563 karmic blocks in this life creating a lot of stress and anxiety. Do you feel like that right now?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is what Georgette had to say about her Akashic Records clearing experience . . .

This week things went surprisingly smoothly . . . I think it was some kind of a supernatural miracle . . but it leads me to think I am sure I would benefit from more clearings,” she added, “I did seem to have the same dilemma with most of the karmic souls I’m dealing with .

If you are anything like Georgette you could probably use a little help evening out the karmic imbalance.  The process is surprisingly easy, and with a few steps on your own you can reclaim more of your energy and reduce your anxiety. 

Are you ready to get started? Click on the link to get the special pricing and get some help now. 💋

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 My treat this week. Hurry because weekends fill up fast! 



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