Akashic Record Readings Live ~the Karma Wheel

gray and brown mountain

My beautiful Sensitives and Star seeds have you noticed that time is speeding up, there seems to be a lot of weight on your emotional shoulders, and that no matter what you say no one is hearing you. This is a sign from the Universe that your karmic wheel house is full of unresolved / unsettled energy.

The Karma Wheel is a group of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have gone unresolved for many lifetimes of earth. Energies have aligned for those who are ascending to a higher level of consciousness and are coming into our awareness.

In this week’s video Deanna shares a few readings and explains the energy behind cold and flu season.

The key is to forgive yourself, and forgive others who have wronged you. If you perceive that another person has created a bad situation that you are involved in ~ use this opportunity to look at yourself.

  • What are your pain point around this situation?
  • Is there a hole in your self love energy?
  • Why do you allow that person to own space inside your head?
  • Remember that what ever energy they hold on you is about them, the energy that you hold them to is about you.
  • If you hold an energy that they owe you, then that energy has the potential to become karma. If it is not resolved the old adage what comes around goes around will apply.

    If you are struggling with depression this holiday season reach out and let me know how I can be of service by clicking here.

    Big Hugs! And remember this is a huge time of transformation, and you are not alone. 💖

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