Are you done with exhausting Relationships?

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If you look at why your relationships as a highly sensitive empath may not be long lasting, or satisfying, you’ll will come to realize that ‘people pleasing’ is getting in your way.

What you need to is to start setting boundaries as an empath, now more than ever.

So many times I speak with empaths who say:

“I am stuck with the same kind of soul sucking relationships that ends in heartache, and I am putting up with more than I normally would.”

“I am giving a hundred percent and I feel like he / she still doesn’t appreciate what I do, or see me for the amazing person I am. I bring so much to the relationship.”

Can you relate to this? If so, then do not beat yourself up. While this is frustrating, it can be very normal for a highly sensitive empath.

And when we look at why this is happening, it’s because they pouring too much of their energy into the relationship instead of establishing safe relationships boundaries.

You are likely using your time to trying to rescue or heal your romantic partner.

When I help highly sensitive empaths in my practice to heal and find their true inner self, I look closely at where their energy is going in a relationship. That is when I notice these sensitive souls (usually women) have no limits as to what they are wiling to do to retain the relationship.

As a result . . . .

=> they pour way too much time and effort into the relationship, often engaging in excessive worry.

=> they experience an extreme attachment (creating a pressure of energy that is too much for the other person so they exit the relationship).

=>they feel more attracted to someone who is toxic, and tend to excuse bad behavior.

=>they feel guilty when they do establish boundaries and a filled with regret and remorse.

And then they wonder why they feel energetically depleted, and do not have enough time to nurture themselves. This especially happens to women.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way, if you set strong enough boundaries in your relationships.

And what I would like you to understand about drawing relationship boundaries as a highly sensitive empath is:

You don’t owe anybody anything.

It’s not because something somebody seems interested in you, and shows you attention that you actually have to say yes to spending time with them. You can simply say no.

=>You don’t owe your partner space in your mind 24-7. A good friend once asked me how much a then boyfriend paid me to rent space in my head. I was always trying to solve his probems.

=>You don’t have to stick around for anyone who mistreats you, or talks down to you just because you think you can fix them.

=>Your time is sacred. Your life is sacred. Your space is sacred.

How you share your energy dictates what kind of relationships that you have.

So is people-pleasing getting in the way of you having all the time you need to engage in self care? Is it getting in the way of attracting a healthy partner?

Maybe you know you want to invest your time in breaking old relationship patterns, but don’t really know how to establish safe boundaries. Or how to trust yourself in doing so.

This is what we help empaths do every single day. And it’s why they break the patterns of people pleasing.

Go ahead and book your intuitive consult today (now not later).

Let’s break through together,

Deanna Gloyd

Self Love Mentor for Highly Sensitive and Empathic People

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