Why is my intuition inconsistent?

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why is my intuition inconsistent? I use to be able to connect with SPIRIT so easily, so what is happening?”

I spoke with a woman recently who, for all intents and purposes is successful in her own spiritual practice, but she feels unsettled with the consistency and clarity in her answers.

She shared with me, “I do reading for myself, and a few of my friends, and I am mostly spot on, which is great, but sometimes I feel a certain darkness present, or is somehow my answers are being manipulated. How can I trust that my answers are pure? I want to feel safe when I am reading for myself or my friends. How can I be sure that I am getting answers consistent with the truth?”

After I talked with her for a bit, I uncovered the cause of the inconsistency in her readings:

She was inconsistent, not only in her protocol to open her sessions, but also in her protocol to close her sessions. There was no ritual that she could place her confidence in, and left herself open to spiritual attachments, so she felt drained and overwhelmed so she stopped altogether.

Here is what I mean . . . when she opened up a session she would be careful to prepare the sacred area and ask for protection during her readings. She could feel entities but none of them were allowed in her sacred space. Whew!

But then, when she was done with her reading she would not use the same care as when she opened the session and any energy residue that was left either in the space or in her energy field would clog her intuition. She felt like something was not right, but ignored her intuition.

Her inconsistent spiritual practice and lack of good protocol to both open and close the session left her feeling drained, and feeling like she couldn’t trust her own intuition. Without realizing what she was doing she left herself open to lower vibrational energies and entities which were blocking her ability to connect with others.

I explained this to her:

Consistency in your spiritual practice, and your protocol in both opening and closing your sessions is crucial if you want to maintain a pure channel for your intuition.

When you are overwhelmed psychically, it’s easy to back away from your intuition and become afraid of your spiritual abilities.

The best way to ensure consistency in your intuition? Create a ritual or routine to create a sacred space, and clean both yourself and the space when you bring your session to a close. Ensure that you have cleaned your energy field and closed any openings that you opened.

This is what will align your intuition and your spiritual gifts. You will begin to notice how easily your can connect and maintain your intuition constantly.

If your intuition has been inconsistent and you are feeling like you might need a little help to get it jumpstarted again, or if you have an energy clogging the works find a time that works best for you here.

This will get you back to the clarity of answers that you have been looking for.

This will clear the entities out of your personal energy space, and your practice space.

Perhaps you’re curious and have a few more questions what that might look like, or what might even be possible if you truly connect with your intuition. I do offer exploratory sessions so we can talk about your experience and what you might be looking to accomplish in your spiritual practice. Let’s grab 30 minutes to connect here.

Can’t wait to learn more about you.



P.S. I am not sure if I mentioned it but the exploratory call is completely free. My intention is to give you value up front and show you what you are made of and what you can accomplish. If you like my energy, and how I do things, perhaps you’ll feel called to join me to grow your spiritual practice of self love. Loving yourself means keeping your space and your intuition clear of unwanted energy.

Go ahead, book a time for us to talk now, for free.

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