Are You like Andrea? Her anxiety came from an unexpected place.

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What made a beautiful and ambitious woman like Andrea say, “I feel like I can breathe again!” Keep reading to know how disembodied souls have a hard time leaving the 3 dimensional world and how dangerous the effect of them lingering around can have on you. 

Like most empaths Andrea has been experiencing an overwhelming amount of anxiety over the last several years and months when she came to see me. Tears streaming down her face she shared with me:

“I can’t handle it any more, I want it all to stop and go back to normal.”

Andrea began to explain to me that she had been feeling overwhelmed, she had no energy, and wondered why her energy shields were not working.

You are probably feeling the same way too. Highly sensitive empaths have been feeling overwhelmed as they are feeling not only the energy of the planet evolving, but the unrest of the mass consciousness as it is bombarded with the continual threat of an unseen viral enemy, an ever changing economy, and social unrest.

Prolonged exposure to continual drama ~ either real or perceived ~ will lead to overwhelm and exhaustion.

We began the session and I had her review the last four months of her life to see if we could discover the root cause of her anxiety.

As she began to review the last four months of her life she revealed that one of her close friends has committed suicided.

Now I knew why her anxiety was through the roof. You see when a human being’s body can no longer support life, the spiritual umbilical cord opens (often called the white light) and the soul can choose to cross through or not.

If the soul of the person does not enter the white light it will remain in the presence of human beings that are still in the body. The vibration of the deceased loved one still contains all of the positive and negative emotions the person carried in life. Hence, when their spirit is close to you, you will feel the emotions they felt shortly before passing.

The extreme fatigue, anxiety, and overwhelm Andrea was experiencing, and her energy shields being depleted were a direct result of her deceased friend being in her energy field. Andrea’s chakras were unable to function normally and maintain her energy shield.

Together Andrea and I asked SPIRIT to cross her friend over the other side and Andrea immediately felt release and relief. Andrea’s eyes brightened up and her whole energy field felt lighter.

“If I had only known what was happening I would have come to see you sooner, ” Andrea said with tears of joy, “Now my friend is no longer stuck, and I feel like I can breathe again!”

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Have you suddenly felt like everything just escalated? If you have, there could be a deceased loved one or friend in your energy field. Simply ask SPIRIT to send them into the light because they may not be able to do it on their own now. That is why Andrea’s friend came to her. You will notice an instant shift in your energy field when this happens.

If you need some help, or are curious if this is the case for you, go ahead and book an Intuitive Reading and Consultation.

P.S. It only takes a moment to shift your energy field.

Talk soon, XOXO

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