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Do you know how to love yourself? This is my story.

I was completely broke at 47. 

With less than one hundred dollars in my pocket, I broke off my marriage and left the house with my seven year old daughter. 

It was the most horrific and toughest decision, plus I had no clue where I’d go with a seven year old daughter, and I couldn’t possibly rent any place at that point. What I did know is that once I made the decision to go, the Universe would support me. You see my faith was stronger than my subconscious beliefs that I was not good enough. 

I’m so grateful that one of my best friends became part of my miracle and let me stay at her place until I figured things out. I stayed with her for a couple of years while I built my business from the ground up. I prayed and moved my feet toward my freedom.

But that was not enough. Deep inside I still felt the fears and doubts of making it from the years of abuse that had beaten down my self esteem. I knew this was a turning point in my life. 

What were my beliefs? I was afraid of failure, I was worried that I was not good enough to take care of myself and my daughter, and I was destined for a life of poverty. Have you ever felt like this, afraid to move forward? 

But I knew deep inside that leaving my abusive relationship would be the turning point in my life. It actually changed the way I looked at my life previously. I realized how strong I could be, and the day I decided to stop reminiscing over the past and feeling sorry for everything, my life changed. 

In the beginning, I had a few clients that I read Akashic Records for and served as a Medium. I could hardly make it financially. I just kept going. Learning to love myself, learning to create new belief systems, and trusting that the Universe wanted me to succeed. 

I started seeing doors open, which I had always prayed for. Better opportunities started flooding in, and I suddenly started meeting people who were encouraging me to become my best self, and affirming my talents as a healer. 

Now, why am I telling you this? 

I know a lot of you may still be in a place that’s making you doubt your own self-esteem every single day. You are in a relationship that’s challenging your will to live, or you may be stuck in a place in life where nothing seems to make you feel happy and content. 

You are forced to do things that may benefit others but not you. Or you are clueless about why life keeps throwing challenges and the pain seems to never end. 

I have been there, and I know what it feels like when you are stuck in a complex and complicated box, and there seems to be no way out. 

So how do you overcome the fear of leaving an abusive situation? How do you rebuild your self esteem, and move forward with courage? 

~Don’t you ever wish to wake up every day excited to start your day? 

~Do you ever dream of drawing only good, kind and loving people naturally towards you?

~Don’t you ever wish to walk into a room without feeling anxious and awkward knowing how wonderful life is by attracting people that genuinely care about you? 

If you want to become this high valued person that is confident to know that if life throws obstacles at you, there is definitely a huge blessing on its way. 

I love this quote by Denzel Washington,  ‘When the devil ignores you, then you know you’re doing something wrong. ‘ The devil goes, ‘Oh no, leave him alone, he’s my favorite. ‘ Conversely, when the devil comes at you, maybe it’s because he’s trying to do something right.

It’s time you know and realize your power within and how important it is to value yourself and know that the only person that can make and break you is you yourself. No one can take that power from you, unless you hand them to people yourself. 

I have had my share of struggles and painful moments, but once I realized my own capabilities and how strong I am, I turned my life completely. 

Today, I have my own house, a single parent running a successful business and you know what every hardship I faced, I now know was preparing me for this blissful life that I am living right now. 

So, if you are struggling to change your life and there seems no way out from the abusive cycle of continuous pain and trauma or your self respect and abilities are challenged every day to make you feel like a NOBODY, here’s you chance to get back and hit the negative people in your life with a huge clapback by becoming your true, most authentic and wonderful self which you were destined to be. 

I am hosting a Self Love Mastery Workshop on 28th March for every person who is trying to redeem their life purpose and reclaim their lost power to become the best version of themselves, join me for this workshop. For details click on the here. We can do this together. Ready?

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