Break Free From Self-Sabotage

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As a highly sensitive empath who’s likely having challenges making positive changes in their lives right now. I want you to know that you are not alone. As a spiritual healer and mentor for 13+ years, I hear from many empaths who have a clear idea what they want to achieve in life and how to do it, but for some reason they can’t cant seem to take the necessary action to make it happen, at least not for a long period of time. 

This is a frequent experience among empaths, and it’s something we can work on together.

Why is this happening?

The reason why we hold ourselves back is simple, although not readily obvious. We are often directed to the answers we are seeking and make a plan to take action to get the results that we want, and then something deep inside stops us.

You see, action is driven by our beliefs that are in our subconscious mind.  It is the message that is often deep within and drives every decision that we make. 

This is true for every aspect of your life including your relationship with yourself. If you believe that you’re capable of living your dreams and you deserve to do so, you will likely take the necessary steps to make it happen. 

However, if you have any fear or doubt about your worthiness, you will likely self-sabotage yourself, and wonder why you did not succeed. If you are anything like me you may even experience seeing yourself not taking action and be left wondering: “what is wrong with me?”

These doubts can take many different forms. For example: 

You might be afraid of being independent from a toxic relationship because you feel that you will then no longer have value. 

You might worry that you are not good enough, and you will not succeed at anything, so it is better to just stay with what you know.

Whatever the messages that you hear in your head, the fears and the doubts, they can  prevent you from aching your full potential. They will keep you from working toward your dreams. 

So how can you overcome these subconscious roadblocks and start living a more joy filled life? The key is to change your beliefs and truly love yourself. 

This is something that you will work on with me in the Self Love Mastery Class . . .where we don’t just look at your goals for your dreams, but also who you need to be. 

This means we must have you create a new self-image of yourself, one that reflects the confident, capable empath that you truly are. 

This might involve working on:

  1. Your Self-Talk
  2. Visualizations and meditation exercises 
  3. Identifying generational curses that impact your self worth and releasing them
  4. Reprogramming your mind with powerful affirmations 
  5. And other inner dialogue activities that will create new neural pathways

I recognized the need for this mindset work not only for myself, but also for the thousands of empaths I’ve empowered along the way. 

So much so that I have devised a proven approach to upgrade your beliefs about your self value, and eliminate the roadblocks that are holding you back. 

Are you ready to put yourself first, are you ready to take your power back? I am hosting a Self Love Mastery Workshop on 28th March for every person who is trying to redeem their life purpose and reclaim their lost power to become the best version of themselves, join me for this workshop. Seating is limited for this virtual event, click here to register now.

I will see you soon!

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