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Self Love after Narcissistic Abuse

Patricia had been dating Frank for three years and she truly loved him. She loved the way he took care of her, the way he provided for her every emotional need, and felt like he truly knew her emotionally. She couldn’t wait for the day he proposed to her.

Have you ever felt that kind of love? The kind of deep fulfilling love that only an empath can? You feel like you are truly wrapped into every pore of their being?

While it last you are in heaven, you feel like each step you take is the happiest you have ever been in your life and you know it will never end. You almost feel sorry for others who have not found this kind of love.

There is an old saying: “It is good while it is good, and then it isn’t.” That is about how it feels to hit the brick wall when a narcissist pulls the plug emotionally. The ghost you. You feel vacant, and desperate to get the euphoric feeling back again. You are willing to do anything. ANYTHING!

The anything is self degradation, begging, pleading, and wondering what you did wrong. It is long nights and long days waiting for a text, a phone call. . . anything.

As an empath have you ever felt this way? You gave so much of yourself. You poured everything you had into the relationship and it felt so good. Only to be ghosted? Dumped?

That is the way Patricia felt the day she came to see me. As she began to describe her relationship with Frank I immedialty recognized the narcissistic traits. Patricia was in a deep dark place and convinced that she was not worth anything anymore.

As we worked together and cleared dark energy from her she began to feel better. I shared with her what a narcissist was and how they drain empaths. Tears ran down her face as she considered all the time that she had wasted being some ones emotional energy supply.

I assured Patricia that as she began to heal she would discover self love, and the deepest form of self love would never allow her to be in that position again. She and I worked together for several sessions, and that is when she asked me if I ever taught what I had learned to other people. I smiled and knew that it was time for me to share it with more empaths seeking more joy in their lives.

So I am hosting a Self Love Mastery Workshop on 28th March for empaths who are ready to become the best version of themselves. You can register here. Seating is limited for this virtual event. Take a deep breath and know that your answers are finally here.

Know that I am sending you a big hug today. I have been there too.

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