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What does a spiritual virus look like?

I am about to tell you something so bizarre that you may not believe it . . .even if it is true. Today I was working with Amanda who was congested and coughing. Amanda thought she had seasonal allergies, and had scheduled an online appointment to talk about her family challenges. But it was not allergies that had her feeling stuffy, it was not a virus going around, or even an infection. Can you guess what it might have been?

Amanda and I connected with SPIRIT and I measured her charkas finding her crown, throat, and heart chakra out of alignment. She began to tell me about her family matters and how they were exhausting her as she was caught in the middle to two adults playing peacemaker. You know now miserable that can be, right?

A simple clearing of the Akashic Records would help to straighten that dynamic out and at least give peace among the family members a chance, right?

No. It was Amanda who has absorbed the family energy and caused her emotional body to go out of alignment. Her physical body then became susceptible to dis-ease. As a result her physical body was processing all of the emotional energy that has been stored in spiritual body.

You are made of many bodies and many minds that are all made of energy. Each body feeds into the next like a the circular patterns created when a stone is thrown in still water. The energy is transferred to the particles of the next layer of water. When the spiritual body takes on too much emotional energy it transfers it to the physical body creating a spiritual virus.

Through Amanda’s connection with SPIRIT we were able to release the energy of fatigue, resistance, abandonment, and forsaken. Almost instantly her sinuses cleared up, and she felt her lymph gland become softer. “I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed, “this is so weird!” With a smile on her face she took a deep breath, and said again: “That is so weird, and I feel so much better, my head is clear.”

And what could be more strange than that? My second client today who did not know Amanda was experiencing the same situation with the same symptoms. Can you relate?

Staying healthy in the now takes more than drinking plenty of water, eating clean foods, and exercise. You must develop good mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you are ready to advance your spiritual body schedule a time for us to connect to SPIRIT together. Schedule your intuitive reading and consultation now.

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