Retrograde or not 🌺Today is going to be a Great Day

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Each day we decide if today is going to be a great day or not. Making this simple decision places you in the vortex of experience. 

There are 4 days left of retrograde and the most asked question I hear is why do I feel stuck? This is partially because you have done some much work on yourself and now the Universe is presenting you with a whole new game. A better game. 

If you are like me you become stuck because you are not willing to trust what you see. After all if you go for it or reach for it then it will all be taken from you right? No. That is the old energy and the illusion of restrograde. So take that step forward and lean into the future that you have been asking for. It is there. Only you can see it, accept it, and embrace it.

Here is the reading for the next three to four days for the collective consciousness, sharing wisdom with viewers about moving forward when you are stuck, and how to active spiritual gifts without fear. 

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