Reading for the Collective Consciousness May 22-29th, 2023

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Did you feel the energy shift in a huge way? Like bam! and we are off and running! 🏃🏽‍♀️🌪️

May 22 to May 29th the collective consciousness, and yes, perhaps you too, will see a huge shift in the way our angels and guides are communicating with us. There are some real zingers that will either get you moving forward in your life, or you will feel truly held in place. 

You can find out all the details in the collective consciousness reading, and some shocking details about what is really going on in the world . . .listen now.   

In case you missed yesterdays special pricing, and yes it sold out in a matter of minutes. . . here is the link to book for this Thursday and Friday at $90 per hour instead of the regular price. Now some of you asked for a half hour and others asked for an hour and a half, and who wouldn’t at this price. . .so session are being offered at $45 per half hour and you can book as many as you want as long as they are available.

😀Don’t miss out. Tomorrow morning I will be on Facebook live at 8:00 AM offering whatever doesn’t get snatched up tonight. So click here to make sure you get the best timeslots. 

➡️🌻I received an Awesome New Testimonial from a young woman who had lost her husband to suicide three months ago. She said that she had been feeling heavy, emotionally drained, and unable to function at work. She was afraid that she would loose her job and her place to live if the anxiety went on. 

What most people do not know is that suicide victims often do not cross into the light, they remain here in the 3rd dimension due to fear of going to hell. Where they remain is in the energy fields of their close family and loved ones. And this is where the anxiety can come from for those who remain. The young woman and myself opened up a portal to the otherside and her husband was able to return to Source. She immedialty felt lighter and better able to continue the natural grieving process. If you know of anyone who is experiencing this, please forward them this article so they can also receive relief from the heavy energy discarnates can bring. 

Big Hugs,


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  1. So honorable of you. ❤️ You have done this for two of my family members. Blessed they were as they crossed over.

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